California community college football programs Florida-fueled

Among the items to explore as part of our investigative package into College of the Desert football is a database we compiled from the rosters of 69 of California’s 71 community college football programs.  (We couldn’t obtain the rosters from two schools, West Valley and Yuba.)

Click here for the database.

You can glean many things from the database, and here’s one:  the top state generating California community college football players (next to California of course) is Florida, by a wide margin.  Some 274 Floridians were on 2011 community college football rosters in California, nearly doubling the next-closest state, Nevada with 139 players. No other state is above 100 players.

Among the likely factors leading players from the Sunshine State to the Golden State:

  • Football-mad Florida is a hotbed for talent. Division I schools regularly stock their rosters with players from there, too.
  • Community college football, by state law, is prohibited in Florida.  It has been since 1985, according to the Florida Division of Colleges. The reason? Money, according to state officials. The state was reluctant to invest education dollars into football programs that would essentially serve as farm programs for larger universities’ teams.

Nevada makes sense as a leading feeder of players to California community college football – there are no community college football programs there, and it’s a border state to California.

Do you own research with the database and let us know whatever interesting things you find.