Who were America’s poorest presidents?

Well, we now know that President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney both are pretty well off.

Most presidents and presidential candidates are. Americans can debate as to whether that’s a good thing.

But what’s also interesting is to note that not all U.S. Presidents were rich. In fact, several practically left the White House with pennies to their name.

And that’s why many former presidents write books after leaving office.

Though many might think the poorest president was raised in an Illinois log cabin, he wasn’t. He was for quite a while, but lawyers even did well enough for themselves in the mid-1800s.

So who was it? Here’s a great take by Huffington Post on which presidents ranked the poorest. And, yes, Lincoln made the list.

And, for a bonus, the richest presidents can be found here.

Was it Hoover? Nope. It may surprise many as to who topped that list.

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